Hostel Facilities

GIET Engineering College provides separate boarding facilities for boys and girls. The two hostels on the campus are well-managed and maintained in a very well organized manner with dedicated staff and close surveillance. Spacious living rooms with attached bathrooms and neatly laid out sparkling tiled floors make sure on-campus stay truly comfortable. Spotless dining halls and kitchens conforming to stringent hygienic norms complement to assure the inmates a healthy and reassuring dining experience. The hostels also provide space and facilities for entertainment, fitness and pursuit of personal hobbies.

LocationRoom TypeRoomsCapacityStrength
Men Hostel
MA Block
MA1 - MA14 Seater21484
MA2 - MA24 Seater21484
MAG - MAG4 Seater17468
MB Block
MB1 - MB13 Seater23369
MB2 - MB23 Seater22366
MB3 - MB33 Seater23369
MBG - MBG3 Seater15345
MC Block
MC1 - MC1 4 Seater20480
MCG - MCG 4 Seater20480
Women Hostel
WA Block
WA1 - WA14 Seater19476
WA2 - WA24 Seater21484
WA3 - WA34 Seater6424
WAG - WAG4 Seater17468
WA Block
WB1 - WB13 Seater11333
WBP - WBP4 Seater3412
Final Total259942
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